God Hates Sin Enablers

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One commandment the Lord gave us was to go into the world and preach the gospel to every creature. And you simply cannot preach the gospel of Christ – that he is the Lord and Saviour – if there is nothing that people need to be saved from. There is no need for the blood of the lamb to wash one’s sins clean (that is, to have one’s sins forgiven and be clothed in Christ’s righteousness), if there is no consequence for sin. Friends – there is a grave consequnce of sin. The wages of sin is death – and we’re not talking about a person’s mortal death – everyone dies. We are talking about the second death – spiritual death. We are talking about eternal hell. So, out of obedience to our God and out of love for you, we hold this sign: god hates sin enablers. To enable sin is to:

  • Condone it
  • To legistlate for its legitimacy
  • To preach sin as acceptable practice
  • To be an apologist for
  • To sanitize, normalize, or entice to
  • To enable sin is to permit, empower or equip another to sin
  • It is to make possible, allow, or to speak of sin as not sinful
  • To enable sin is to fail to warn of the consequence of sin

Consider the scripture at Romans 1, verse 32:

“Who knowing the judgment of God, that they which commit such things (that is, sin)  are worthy of death, not only do the same, but have pleasure in them that do them.”

To have pleasure in them that commit sin is in itself sin. To encourage sin is sin. You don’t have to be committing the sin to be sinning. You just have to act in such a way as to grease the skids for the continuation of sin.

You can therefore see how this sign, and the bible message thereon, is appropriate preaching for nearly every venue, event or gathering.

When you claim that any sin is a civil right, you enable sin.

When you preach that God loves the sinner, but just hates the sin – you are only speaking of God’s view toward his elect – but we know, from the scripture, that God hates all sinners that are not his elect – just take a look at Romans 9:13 for this short, but sweet and airtight, case. That should be a sober warning for any and all men.

When you attribute the outpouring of God’s wrath, in what the old preachers called ‘earth judgments’, to merely ‘natural phenomena’, mentioning the goofy anthropomorphized ‘mother nature’, you enable sin – as you are encouraging people to look at God wrong and attempting to strip him of his sovereignty.

When you advise or consent to people getting abortions, you enable sin. A baby has a beating heart withing a few short days after conception. It is a great shame, a great sin, and you enable that sin when you don’t view it as exceeding sinful.

You enable sin when you pronounce that homosexuality is merely an innocent alternate lifestyle or say that what people do is their own business. Homosexuality is not okay, it never was okay, and it never will be okay. Do not be proud of your gay son. Your gay son is a sinner and you are too for acting that way.

You enable sin when you, as parents, teachers or preachers, sanitize sin to young people – any sin. Abortion, fornication, transsexuality, homosexuality, etc. Every one of you ought to mourn for those great sins and repent.

You enable sin when you yourself are immodest or when you teach that to your sons and daughters. You should never teach a young person to attempt to allure someone to lust after them. You should teach modesty, sobriety and being chaste.

You enable sin when you encourage people to persecute the servants of god for preaching the gospel to you. That is a form of holding  (or choking out, or suppressing) the truth in unrigheousness, and is one cause of the wrath of god being revealed from heaven.

You enable sin when you, as media agents of any sort, condone, glamorize or exalt sin in your stories, films, songs, plays, books, and works of art. God hates sin enablers.

You enable sin when you normalize a practice that god has deemed as sinful. Society, in the main, has done this with divorce, remarriage, adultery and fag marriage. There should never be a divorce. There should never be a remarriage. Marriage should be one man and one woman.

You enable sin when you teach another doctrine than the gospel of Christ, or that religions should peacefully coexist – a one truth, many paths approach. It is false doctrine. It is heresy. It is lies.

You enable sin when you practice idolatry. Religious holidays are one form, but exalting anything in preeminence above Christ in your mind and heart, and encouraging others to do so, is enabling sin.

God hates sin enablers.

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