PHOTOS — Arlington National Cemetery (First Stop)

Look, ma, you can still see the signs, but you can't hear any engines

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Tenth Stop — Arlington National Cemetery (Stop 1)

The LORD works in mysterious ways, His wonders to perform.  He killed the soldier being honored at Arlington National Cemetery, and we do Him (the LORD, not the carcass) honor by working our schedule and using our resources to attend that worship of the dead, at the high holy temple of dead worshiping, the ANC.

Here’s a couple of news flashes for you Moped Mamas that showed up.  One, revving your engines disturbs the “peace” you insist upon in your carcass collection points.  It just points out your blazing hypocrisy when you stand there farting and revving up the engines that you don’t care one lick about that phony show of respect for the dead.  You just hate the words we display, which brings us to point two.  Thank you for making all that racket so people are forced to look at our signs!!!  How wonderful is that, you guys making all that noise to attract the attention of everyone who wasn’t looking at our wonderfully bright signs already.  We couldn’t execute a better plan than that.  Thanks mightily!

Of course, God put you there, so we can’t give you any credit for it.  You are but vessels for His will to be done by, and so you come along in all your rebellion and fulfill His will.  Praise God!

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PHOTOS — Trinity High, Washington PA

Trinity HS Preaching OpportunityTrinity HS Kicking the flag kicking the flagTrinity HS It is on like Donkey Kong

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Ninth Stop — Trinity High School, Washington PA

Wow, what a glorious opportunity, two big high schools with thousands of students to preach to all in one trip!  How blessed are we!?!

Another great opportunity presented itself to preach to the uneducated, God-hating youth of the nation, and once again, the adults in charge tried to blind their eyes from that truth by letting school out early, but our God wanted them to see the words, so they saw the words!  You can’t resist seeing this spectacle, so your students stuck around and the whole town came out to see the words!

This is the same location where the Chief of Police decided that Washington, PA isn’t in the United States, but has been annexed by Communist China, and declared we would not be allowed to drag your idol the flag on the ground or show any form of disrespect toward it, telling these volunteer preachers that he didn’t care if it was against the law for him to behave this way, and held forth in the press about our religion, apparently forgetting that when he dons the gun and badge, he has no opinion about such  matters.  Well guess what, Doomed americans?  We dragged your flag, we wore your flag, we disrespected your flag as much as lawfully we could.  Why?  Because we, like Josiah and many of the prophets before us, tear down your idols.  We will not bow down, no matter how much you try to make us.

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PHOTOS — Wheeling Jesuit University, Wheeling WV

Wheeling University Picket of PervertsWheeling University Picket of Perverts

Wheeling university Picket of PervertsWheeling University Picket of Perverts

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