Fifteenth Stop — SCOTUS

Well, here we are.  Prepared, ready for battle, given a standard by the Captain of the Host to carry forth, being reminded to be courageous, be of good courage (not feigned, self-derived human courage, but Godly, Holy courage that can only come from being on the right side of the battle), and to go into the battle God Almighty has set for us to go into.  Do not divert, do not fear these black-hearted, black-robed judges, who know not the meaning of justice, but go forward and speak plainly, with courage, with boldness, and above all, speak the Truth.

So that’s what we did.  We stood outside with our bright shining “Fag Court” sign, and went in and told those judges the truth.  We told them the same thing we’ve told all of you all along – if this is a land of laws and you believe in your Constitution, then standing 1,000 feet away from where anyone could see or hear us with some nice signs on a public sidewalk has to be protected by that Constitution; especially if you allow the opposing viewpoint (that of the have flag, will bow-down and worship it variety) to be right up at the front door.  For goodness sake, the smell of those people was more disruptive to that funeral’s “peace” and “tranquility” than anything these servants of God did.  Seriously, have you smelled the “Fartriot Guard”?  :D

As an aside, dear old america, this is the talent level you have defending your position on this the largest of all judicial stages:

Question to Summers:  ”If there were two signs and one said ‘War is Wrong’ and the other said ‘You’re a War Criminal’, are you telling us that we have to decide which sign to use”?

Summers:  ”Yes”.

Wow.  Really?  That’s what the law schools of doomed america are pumping out these days?  Wow.

We thank the LORD with words insufficient for the purpose that so many people have now heard of us, heard our message, and know that there are servants of God alive in the earth still.  Without this light affliction of you dragging us into the courts over your feeeeliiiiinngggs, how else could it have happened?  All roads have indeed led to SCOTUS, and now they lead to some more pickets!  We don’t know when this testimony will finish to you doomed americans, but we know it will, and until that moment, you have space to repent (certainly not the nation, but perhaps a few good figs out there will hear the call through this).  Heed the words and do so, for you have been warned, and there is not so much as a miniscule drop of your blood on our shoulders because we have been the ones who warned you.  Not your raping priests, your woman preachers, your sleazy politicians, your dim-witted teachers, your hateful parents, and certainly not the Beast you so love.  Just this little voice crying from the middle of nowhere, Topeka, Kansas these last 20 years.  A little group of God’s humble servants, whom you seek to put in bonds, silence by violence, frame up mischief against by a law, and in every way imaginable vilify.  We aren’t perfect, but we’re what you’ve been given from God, america, and you better pay attention.  There aren’t many grains of sand left in this hourglass.  The cup of your iniquity is only a few drops from being full.

And when that cup fills?  Immediate (no longer imminent) destruction.

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