Twelfth Stop — North Hagerstown High, Hagerstown MD

Delinquency and drop-out rates in your high schools are at unheard of rates.  You can’t get these brats to get out of bed at a reasonable hour and get to school on time, but you tell them the Servants of the Most High God are going to come tell them some truth, and they show up early, in droves, to flip off God Almighty.  That’s right, you raise you stinky middle fingers to us,  you’re raising them to God!

Of course, a few hundred raging mad children and their keepers (it’s tough to call you people parents and guardians since you refuse to do the job of a parent) does nothing to change the truth.  A law-breaking flag worshipper trying to bait this well-disciplined group into who knows what with his intermingling in our barricaded area doesn’t change the truth of God.  The revving of motorcycle engines as their drivers putter by repeatedly doesn’t change the truth of God.  Are you detecting a theme here, people?

Let’s drive the point home.  NOTHING you do changes the truth of God.  No laws, no unjust court judgments, no violence, no screaming, no blasphemous signs, middle fingers in the air, NOTHING.  What a great foundation for our anchor to be planted in.  Praise God!

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