Thirteenth Stop — White House

The beauty of preaching outside the White House is, well, what isn’t beautiful about it?  You’ve got the residence of The Beast, right there, front and center so you can do some nice preaching to the Antichrist Family.  You’ve got a fabulous location where traffic flows and flows and flows.  Then you’ve got that tremendous international flavor to the foot traffic, drawn by the mystique of The Beast and the hypocrisy of this nation that claims to be the “home of the free” while they work morning, noon, and night to silence this little band of warriors.

It’s the nexus of hypocrisy; the magnetic pole of hypocritical thought and behavior.  The place that to the world over supposedly stands for freedom of thought and expression, with all her monuments, commemorative placques, historical documents, etc., designed to remind and teach the history of how this nation was created from blood and prospered these 200+ years in the name of freedom; this is the same place where the people of God have been brought to have their beliefs put on trial, declared a legitimate religion “worthy” of Constitutional recognition or something different.  Something never in the history of this nation heard of.  A complete outcast, not “protected” by the Constitution, not allowable within your boundaries.  And you with one voice have the audacity to speak of Chinese religious persecution.  Shame on you.

We wouldn’t have it any other way, though.  This Beast must rise to power, taking control of the armies of the world, and in order for that to happen, america needs to be out of the picture, the distraction of this dying whore no longer his concern.  In order for THAT to happen, you have to get rid of us somehow, since the mercy of God won’t have His servants destroyed with your destruction.  And so we preach, and it is a glorious sight.


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