Fourteenth Stop — Arlington (Stop 2)

Well, where was the massive show of hundreds even thousands you prattled on about that were scheduled to show up and drown us out, shut us down, show us that your kind of love prevails over God and the Bible?

What was that?  Four mopeds, a wheel-chair, and two squirrels with pizza boxes glued to their tails for signs?  You people couldn’t organize an empty sock drawer, could you?

No matter, our purposes were well served.  We preached outside another one of your carcass-worshiping orgies, and it seems as if every videographer in a 50 mile radius wanted interviews and b-roll of the only real action happening in this sad, sick country.  The angels are all gathered to the battle, watching this all with keen interest, knowing the outcome but unable to turn away.  The LORD our God has set this battle in array, not us.  He has ordered all these steps so that they fall like dominoes.  The only question is when will the last one fall?

No one knows the answer to that question, for it is not for us to know.  You better get right with God, before that day comes!

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