First Stop — Rockhurst High

How could we not stop at one of the closest major metropolitan areas along I-70?  These Catholic brats need this message as bad as any group of people in this country, and we are obligated to deliver it.  How many of these young people have been raped by their so-called priests (see

Their parents/guardians don’t get it, though.  They thought they were clever, that they could keep these precious words from being seen by the children, and tried to avoid our bright, shining signs by letting the children out of school early!  Now, that doesn’t seem to be very conducive to learning!  What educational purpose could that possibly serve?  At a minimum, where’s the tolerance lesson, the instruction to these “wonderful young minds” to respect diversity and tolerate all views.

It’s sad, really, how badly you hate your children and the lengths you will go to so that you don’t have to do your duty to them.  Not to worry, though, that’s why we’re here, to make sure the words are said and seen, per God’s commandment.

We have more stops to make, and we’ll report in as they occur.

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