WIR #155!

2 Corinthians 2:17 For we are not as many, which corrupt the Word of God: but as of sincerity, but as of God, in the sight of God speak we in Christ.

In that context, let us tell you plainly that God sent each and all of the weather-related events.  That is why they were once called “acts of God”:https://www.almanac.com/content/list-names-2017-hurricane-season

This nation’s current obsession: http://www.msn.com/en-us/video/wonder/nasa-video-shows-10-days-of-irma-in-30-seconds/vi-AArHC9t

Did you know God also kills people?  Yes, 16 Soldiers and LEOs just this week from the usa.

Last count of dead from Harvey: 82; from Irma: 26.  We don’t have the totals (yet) from all the other weather events in Mexico, the Asian Continent, etc.  Whatever that number, wherever they are -> God does it all.

God also sent the London Tube Terror Attack: http://www.bbc.com/news/uk-41298116 


He threw down the Crane during Irma: https://www.youtube.com/watch?utm_medium=AP&feature=youtu.be&utm_source=Twitter&v=AdmEBUR6F74&utm_campaign=SocialFlow&app=desktop

He left the islanders where Irma slashed and bashed to behave like lost zombies: https://www.washingtonpost.com/amphtml/world/the_americas/people-are-roaming-like-zombies-virgin-islands-stagger-after-storm-passes/2017/09/10/d428f16e-965a-11e7-b569-3360011663b4_story.html

Even the car crash in Topeka, Kansas, that was God! http://ksnt.com/2017/09/10/khp-trooper-injured-in-4-car-accident/

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