Letter To The @STLToday Editor (@GilbertBailon) Regarding Dent County NOT Lowering The Flags

Shut up about lowering flags.  It’s too little, and WAY too late, America.

Shut up about lowering flags. It’s too little, and WAY too late, America.

Dear editor,

This is in response to this St. Louis Today article: http://www.stltoday.com/news/local/metro/rural-missouri-county-won-t-lower-courthouse-flag-after-all/article_58fa8323-1a20-5485-94e2-d932b8511483.html 

“Rural Missouri County Won’t Lower Courthouse Flag After All,” (7/14/15) says Dent County Commissioners voted to lower the flag because of same sex marriage, but when the military mutts objected, they caved.

This nation worships fornication, adultery, divorce/remarriage, raping soldiers, and its filthy bloody rag-flag more than God.  The “gay” activists know they have you on the ropes.  How can you tell them they can’t get a piece of USA’s proud-sin action with government-sanctioned same sex marriage?

Churches teach sin and are full of raping priests.

“Christians” teach sin and are full of flag-worship and other idolatry.

Politicians teach sin, and are full of greedy power-mongering.

Parents teach sin, and are full of divorced/remarried adultery.

There’s not a voice left with moral authority to tell these militant beasts “God will not have same sex marriage,” outside the Church of the Lord Jesus Christ.

We at Westboro Baptist Church have warned you for 25 years.  We told you same sex marriage was coming because of your endless adulteries and fornications.  You mocked, vilified, and did everything in your power to silence us.

So shut up about lowering flags.  It’s too little, and WAY too late.  You should be in sackcloth and ashes.  Instead you strut like peacocks, still at this dark hour worshiping an impotent rag and violent veterans.

This nation is doomed.  The only questions left are the timeline (God knows!), and whether there are any tenderhearted elect left who will save themselves from this untoward and perverse generation.

We thank God for same sex marriage, and the fulfillment of His promises.  Christ promised, as it was in the days of Lot, so shall it be in the day when the Son of Man returns.  Watch the skies and obey!

— Westboro Baptist Church

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