Westboro Baptist Church Warns America Of The Dangers Of Islam


God is using Islam as His Rod to chasten you, and you had better know your enemy. To date, you are deaf, dumb and blind to the truth about child molester Muhammed. Here is some material to help you to learn and live. Muhammed ( = the Praised One), commonly called Mohammed – the celebrated false prophet of Arabia – was born at Mecca, A.D. 570.

He claimed to teach his followers the doctrines of Islam – i.e., resignation or entire submission to the will of God, as a successor to Abraham, Moses, and Christ, of whom he claimed to be the greatest. As a child he suffered from repeated epileptic fits, which were attributed at the time to demons; and much of his time in solitary contemplation. His nervousness, which often bordered on frenzy, brought him at times to the brink of suicide. Some of his so-called visions were so absurd that his staunchest adherents would often smile at his hallucinations; and, in his early days especially, he was looked upon as a madman. His mind, however, contained the strangest mixture of right and wrong, of truth and error.

His idea was to unite Judaism and Christianity (of which he knew but very little, except in their most corrupt forms) and heathenism, into one new faith or religion; and hence the extraordinary mixture of his teaching. At the age of forty he had his first “divine” communication. In this, and later visions at Mecca and Medina, extending over a period of twenty-three years, he received those “revelations” which are contained in the “Koran,” the sacred book of Mohammedans, which believe that it has been in existence – like God – from all eternity.

Koran is an Arabic word meaning to read. Its first transcript was, according to the Mohammedans, written from the beginning in rays of light by the finger of God upon a gigantic tablet resting upon the throne of the Almighty. A copy of it, in a book bound in white silks, jewels, and gold, was brought down by Gabriel on a particular night, called “the night of power,” in the month of Ramadan (= the hot month). It was the contents of this book which were revealed to Mohammed from time to time during the twenty-three years above mentioned.

Here is the substance of its teaching as given by the late Sir M. Monier-Williams: “Muhammad claimed to speak to the whole human race in the name of the one God. Well, what was Muhammad’s prescription for man’s moral disease, prescribed in his Koran? Cease, he said, from your idolatries; worship the one God; pay strict attention to your religious duties – prayers five times a day, fastings for the whole of one month, almsgiving, pilgrimages – and then trust to God’s mercy, be resigned to His decrees, and look for a Paradise hereafter, a material condition of bliss – beautiful gardens, cloudless skies, running streams, and the companionship of lovely women.”

The essence of its doctrine is found in the words “There is no god but God, and Mohammed is God’s apostle.” Indeed, the Koran was supposed to supersede the Gospel, as Mohammed claimed to supersede Christ. But, alas! Mohammed was as unlike Christ as the Koran is unlike the Bible. His historian tells us that “he was at times deceitful, cunning, revengeful, cowardly, addicted to sensuality, and even a murderer.”

Owing to his sensuality, Mohammed so increased the number of his wives that, in addition to those who died during his life-time, he had no less than nine wives living when he died; although, according to the Koran, his followers are only allowed four wives, and a certain number of concubines. The logical outcome of such a nature is seen in his fleshly idea of future happiness, where “the black-eyed daughters of paradise, created of pure musk, and free from all bodily weaknesses of the female sex, are held out as a reward to the commonest inhabitant of paradise.”

Unlike the Prince of Peace, Mohammed won his influence by the sword, and authorised his followers to go to war with the enemies of Islam – Jews and Christians being reckoned among those enemies. Indeed, his cruelty was notorious; after one battle he beheaded seven hundred men, and sold all the women and children – although he recommended his followers to “protect the weak, the poor, and the women.”

He died of fever at the age of sixty-three. Eighty years after his death Mohammedanism reigned supreme over Arabia, Syria, Egypt, North Africa and Spain. Today there are 1.4 billion Muslims in the world. So beware lest they conquer America and destroy Christianity.

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