GodSmack: Children Rapers


Yemen won’t raise marriage age to 17; “clerics” block it; old crusty Muslims love to rape little girls like their “prophet” Muhammad!  Cases cropping up of imams raping little boys/girls-just like the catholic priests. 


Lookie here perverts!  False religion is false religion!  You 1.2 billion Muslims are wasting your breath violently-bullying God’s servants to bow down or steer clear!  God hates Muslims!  Imams rape children!  Deal with it!

The LORD said unto [Gideon]…throw down the altar of Baal…cut down the grove that is by it…he…did as the LORD…said…when the men of the city arose…the altar of Baal was cast down…they said…bring out [Gideon]…that he may die…and [Gideon’s father] said…he that will plead for [Baal], let him be put to death…let [Baal] plead for himself, Judges 6:25-32

Stop worshiping a pedophile; and keep your grubbies off the kids!

God’s earth-judgments!  Rejoice!

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