GodSmack: Un-Edible Eggs


Headline:  Additional millions of eggs added to previous 380 million-egg recall


There are currently two egg recalls ongoing due to Salmonella contamination, effecting eggs shipped to 14 states, from Iowa (where they proudly marry sodomites, and have made it a crime for WBC to preach).

Doomed america did err when they decided to put WBC on trial for preaching and threatened to take our children, jobs, homes and money – in violation of God’s warning, to wit:

Touch not mine anointed, and do my prophets no harm.  (Ps. 105:15.)

Sound of Silence Parody:


The black horse rides, he rides alone;

Bread of life, he’s turned to stones.

‘Neath the scales, starvation brings them grief;

I hear the rebels wail, without relief.

They wrote laws to take all our children, to stop our voice;

Now we rejoice!

Look to the Seal of Silence.

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