GodSmack: Osmond Cruelty

THANK GOD FOR MARIE OSMOND’S SON JUMPING TO HIS EARLY DEATH! Marie Osmond raised her son without hope.  With a slicing selfish hate, she made it about her and what made her happy; never did she teach her seven children to fear and obey God!  Ah the cruelty!  Friday (2/26) 18-year-old-Michael Blosil jumped to his death from a Los Angeles apartment, ending a life of depressed-misery.  GodSmack! His divorced-parents taught him to sin and worship himself; too late for him now!  You think dancing-and-singing across stages like a goody-two-shoes-prissy-missy will cover this great sin?  No!  Both parents had a non-delegable duty to raise Michael to fear and obey God.  You failed, not for inability, but in the rebellious-belief you knew better than your Creator!  Now you eat the bread of mourning, and God laughs! This is a righteous thing!  Parents: look, listen, learn, repent, and obey!  The angels, spirits of just men made perfect, and prophets of God sing hallelujah!

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