GodSmack: Missouri Shooting

THANK GOD FOR THE GODSMACK TO LEBANON, MISSOURI!  GOD SENT THE SHOOTER!  An 8-year-old was left to roam the house after his father, former gangster Todd Johnson, shot his mother and brother, then left the house, crashed the car, and killed himself.  What a sight!  In June 2008 the officials of Lebanon aggressively and lawlessly prevented the obedient watchers of Westboro Baptist Church from coming to that community with the only words of hope and truth, to wit, obey God, stop your proud sinning, or He will curse you.  Now the wrath of God has poured out on this little community, by this awful event that the local paper says has sent waves of shock and disbelief cascading across the area.  WORSE AND MORE IS COMING!  We pray for more visitations of God’s wrath on this disobedient nation.  Praise God for his righteous judgments in this earth!

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