THANK GOD FOR THE ROAMING BANDS OF RAPING REBELS IN THE MIDST OF THE HAITI EARTHQUAKE GodSmack!  YOU HAVE ANOTHER GodSmack DUMMIES!  Stupid Doomed america presidents Bimbo Bush and Clueless Clinton say “we gonna make a nation worthy of the name.”  YO DUMMIES God has cursed them!  You say 7,000 criminals roam YOU LIE!  9 million criminals against God and cursed by God roam.  You cannot make a silk purse out of that Haiti sow’s ear!  LOOK CLOSELY AT THOSE FREAKS THAT SAME CURSE IS UPON DOOMED america.  You just dont know it yet!  You are in the midst of your death throws and you dont see it!  God has blinded your eyes, stopped up your ears, hardened your hearts and given you strong delusions so that you would believe the LIE that The Beast, Antichrist Obama is THE ONE THAT WILL SAVE YOU!!

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